Register your child for next season’s under 7’s



During the spring/summer, we will be holding training sessions for any new five and six year olds.  These will be held on a Sunday morning at the Recreation ground.
We will be putting flyers into school bags and we will be advertising on the website and Facebook to find new players.  The youngsters will have to be six years old to be able to play in any NEHYL matches, however 5 year olds are very welcome to join in with training until they are old enough to play in games.
Usually we have up to 20 little ones coming to these sessions.  Our hope is that from the parents of these children, we can find a mum or dad who is willing to take their coaching certificates (which the club will pay for) so they can join as a manager and run a new team.
Please contact us on the email address below, or visit our contact page.  Please leave your child’s name and he or she will be added to the list.  The training schedule will be emailed to parents when times and dates have been decided.