New Kit Guide

This guidance in intended for any team that wishes to purchase a new team strip so that they conform with the Club’s colours and style.

Club colours

At the AGM in June 2011 it was agreed that the Club’s colours for all teams would be royal blue with white.

Previously, the colours for senior teams had been royal blue with white, and the colours for youth and mini soccer teams yellow with navy blue.

It was also agreed that youth and mini soccer teams could continue to play in their existing yellow with navy blue strip until it needed to be replaced. At that time they would be required to conform with the Club’s colours, as set out in these guidelines.

Approval of new strip

At the AGM it was agreed that was agreed that the colour and shade of royal blue should be consistent with the Men’s Joma Champion shirt (shown above right) since there is a lot of variation in strip sold as ‘royal blue’. However, it is not necessary for teams to purchase the same strip as the Men’s teams.

Approved suppliers and styles are listed below. If any team wishes to puchase a strip that is not listed below, the team manager is required to bring a shirt sample to a management meeting for comparison with the Men’s Joma Champion shirt and approval of the management team.

If in doubt, speak to Fred Powers.

Away strip

For youth and mini soccer teams it is not neccessary to have an ‘away strip’.

Under North East Hampshire Youth League (NEHYL) rules, teams are required to play in their normal Club colours at home and away matches. If, however, teams for a fixture have the same or similar colours, the away team must change. In this instance it is normal practice for the away team to wear coloured bibs over their normal strip.