Player Moves

Liphook United Football Club has agreed this policy on player moves between teams to ensure fair play by avoiding:

  • any perceived hierarchy of amongst teams in an age group
  • a culture of ‘tapping up’ player movement between teams.

1. Where there is more than one team in an age group, the teams will not be referred to as ‘A’ or ‘B’ teams, or ‘1st’ or ‘2nd’ teams, but there will be team names associated with each side. This will hope to ensure no elitism within the Club.

2. In order to provide fair play and opportunities for all, there may be occasions when it would be appropriate for players to move between Liphook United teams in order to play at a higher or lower standard. To avoid a culture of ‘tapping up’ player movement between Liphook United FC teams, the correct procedure must be followed as stated below:

  • a. The managers of both teams must discuss a possible move prior to any approach to the player concerned.
  • b. The player must only be approached in the presence of a parent or guardian (U16s and below) and realistic expectations explained to them, such as how they would feature in the new team setup, how much playing time they are likely to get, etc.
  • c. A move between teams will only be sanctioned by the Club following agreement by the player (and parent or guardian if applicable).