Possibility of extra income.

Hello all and thanks for reading.  We hope everybody is safe and well.

I am sure you are all aware that the club have missed out on valuable revenue during the pandemic.  Many organisations are struggling, which is a shame.  We are trying our best to make sure we keep the club in a healthy-ish financial position.

We will have missed out on two tournaments (hopefully, it will only be two). These two tournament would have given us £16,000 profit to help towards operating costs.  We have also missed out on a lot of bar revenue over lockdown.

The accounts are still not looking too bad thanks to the amazing effort of our Treasurer, Jules Upton, who has been succesful with grant applications and other schemes.

There looks like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel and we might be up and running soon, so that is good.

Meanwhile, I would like to ask a favour.  I am trying to monitorise the website as every little bit of funding will help us out.  Amazon are doing a roaring trade right now, so I thought we could try to get on the gravy train to make a small amount of money.  Amazon offer commisions for most of the products on their site.

If you visit Amazon through the link below,  or the one on the home page, then the club will benefit a small amount from each purchase made.

It would be great if everytime you think of Amazon, you go to the club website first and click through.  It will not take long and could help us out.

Thanks very much.  Stay safe, see you at the Rec. soon!


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