Youth presentation evening 2019


The Youth presentation evening will be held in a marquee outside of the clubhouse on the Saturday 8th June

                     Please see the timings below:                          

1600 U7 Lightning
1620 U8 Tigers
1640 U9 Pumas
1700 U9 Leopards
1720 U9 Wolves
1740 U12 Lions
1800 U11 Sharks
1820 U12 Blues
1840 U13 Huskies
1900 U10 Jaguars
1920 U9 All Stars
1940 U15 Samurai
2000 U16 Saturday 
There will be a BBQ and the bar will be open.  The goals will be out so the youngsters can kick a ball about.  Should be fun!  Any help will be much appreciated, please get in touch if you can offer an hour to help set up/flip burgers/serve drinks.  Thanks!
Also, we will be collecting for the tournament tombola and boot store, so please bring something along.  Thanks again!